6x6 Back Workout

6×6 Back Workout

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6x6 Back Workout

The 6X6 Brutality Workout. The ultimate goal is to complete the entire workout using proper exercise form in the least. . Leave the Gym Stiff, Come Back Stiff .
Gains stalled? Try this classic training method guaranteed to get you growing again. by Michael Warren 06/13/18. The-forgotten-6×6-protocol. Tags: Tips .
Muscle, Exercise Name, Timer, Reps, Sets, Track. Back. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown, 30 sec, 6, 6, Progress Chart. Back. Close Grip Reverse Lat Pull Down, 30 sec .
. Sean Sullivan relies heavily on 6×6 training to encourage rapid strength and muscle gains.. Sean Sullivan's Power Base Workout. Day 3 – Back and Biceps.

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