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Since 2006 LNF has received funding from USVI Law Enforcement Planning Commission (LEPC) to provid humane education to youth on St. Croix.  There are two components to this program:
  1. An outreach training program held during school hours at St. Croix elementary and secondary schools.
  2. An out-of-school hour component including enrichment field trips to expand on the training provided in the outreach program
The program includes an outreach training program held during school hours in all St. Croix elementary and secondary schools for youth ages 7-17.  In addition sessions and enrichment field trips are held during non-school hours to enhance lessons presented in the in-school component.  This program offers youth at risk opportunities to develop marketable and employable job skills and instills humane values of kindness, commitment, responsibility and respect for life.  

Activities taking place outside of class room hours have been proven to be instrumental in developing positive behaviors, teaching productivity, providing positive peer group communications, and help young people to realize they have something to contribute.Youth involved in these programs are less likely to engage in high risk activities such as experimentation with alcohol, drugs, sex and criminal elements.After school activities are especially needed in low and moderate income communities.

Out of school hours activities include hands on training. Activities include familiarization with animal related career opportunities and training in basic animal care, recognition and prevention of animal illnesses, and community services like animal adoption, animal intake and animal cruelty investigation. Youth participants gain exposure to the world of work will be introduced to career opportunities in the world of animal care and learn universal life skills of responsibility, promptness, kindness, commitment and respect for others.

These students also learn technical job skills including on-line publishing, newsletter creation and WEB site support.

Contact us for more information and if your school on St. Croix would like to particiate in this program.    

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