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What’s in a sewer cover?  The answer might seem obvious but ask artist Ralph Brancaccio and his answer might surprise you.  In a word, “Art!” For 18 years Ralph has traveled the world making prints off of sewer covers creating an amazing body of work that startles and amazes.  He is on St. Croix teaching the students at Good Hope School how they too can create art from the lowly sewer cover. The St. Croix Source has a picture and piece about his work. Over the past seventeen years, he has printed in 17 countries and more than 10 US States.  A product line inspired by these monoprints has been created and sold in venues around the world.  Now St. Croix will be added to this collection. 
One of Ralph’s greatest pleasures is to share his vision in hands-on workshops and lectures created to meet the needs of youth from grade school to university level.  This visit was partially funded by Learning Networks Foundation. He was on on-island until March 2 making prints and sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with the youth of St. Croix.