Fat Burning 5x5

Fat Burning 5×5

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Fat Burning 5x5

The original 5X5 program was designed by former champion bodybuilder Bill Starr. While you may think that a program like this is unsuitable as a fat loss .
According to Mehdi's website, the 5×5 method will burn fat.. He also suggests 20-30 minutes of cardio.
OK I want to know if the 5×5 will help me gain lean muscle to burn fat and also let me get some gains in strength? My reason is that I am .
However my goal is fat loss and many people have recommended this programing for fat loss so how does ithat work do you allow yourself a .
Unfortunately they're going about fat loss the wrong way.. A simple 5×5 program once a week will suffice, or if you're new to lifting check out Starting Strength .

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